This year, our theme is HERSTORY. 

Some context, for too long, women have been excluded from the narrative. There have been far too many phenomenal women who have been written out of history, who have had their work discredited, or have been undermined in history. This theme, is a 3 part celebration.

Firstly, it is a celebration of all the influential, revolutionary women in history, who have moved mountains with their words, with their actions, with their art, with the mere power of their existence. To them, we say thank you.

Secondly, it is the celebration of all the women who are currently challenging and changing the world around them. These women embody the change we want to see in the world. They're not rewriting history, but rather, they are creating HERSTORY. 

Thirdly, it is a celebration of the story of a 97 year old institution that has molded the lives of many individuals. Today, we celebrate the story and influence of Parktown, and how she has stood proud and tall,over the last 97 years.  

Lastly, we would like to use this theme as an honoring. To all the women who have been victims of Gender based violence, who have not had the ability to finish their story. to the women who have been taken away far too soon. Herstory is an honor to you as well. Aluta continua, in the pursuit of justice and equality for all women. 

Your story, our story, her story, matters. Happy Potted Sports Day! 

keeping to tradition, please enjoy some posters from the Grade 11 Greenbadges of 2020: 

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